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Moving to a new country is a decision that will change your life forever. Our dynamic young team of immigration lawyers will assist you in all matters of residency, work and visas - with an efficient mentality to save you time and effort.

Immigration is an interesting field to work in and I enjoy assisting people who, like I did, wish to widen their horizons and embark on the endeavour of relocating to another country. It is fun to speak to people from all over the world every day and help them realise their plans for the future.

by Pina Espinoza Carrizosa - Head of Immigration


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GOLDEN VISAThe new Golden Visa scheme allows residency for anyone investing over 500.000 Euros in a property in Spain. This visa grants them the right to reside in Spain and travel in Europe. The residency permit will be first issued as a visa that lasts one year, should the applicant live abroad.
NON-LUCRATIVE VISAUnder the ¨Wealth Visa¨ you can live in Spain by showing you have sufficient financial means to maintain yourself and your family. We provide advice for Non-EU nationals who wish to live in Spain without performing any economic activity. Get a Non-Lucrative Visa with Lexidy.
EU CERTIFICATEYou'll enjoy the same rights as a Spanish national. We provide immigration advice for EU nationals who wish to live more than 90 days in Spain. Once issued this certificate is valid indefinitely as long as the applicant’s personal circumstances stated on the application remain the same.
EU FAMILY PERMITUnder the EU Family Permit the rights of the EU citizen are extended to their family members (irrespective of nationality). We provide immigration advice for the residence card in Spain, for family members of an EU citizen. The permit is good for up to five years.
GET A NIE NUMBERA NIE is every foreigner’s identification number in Spain and it is required in order to file taxes, establish a business, open a bank account, and for almost any other official task. Submit your application with Lexidy. We'll have your NIE ready within 3 business days.
SPEAK TO A CONSULTANTWe provide legal guidance for your Spanish residence permit application. Our lawyers will expertly guide you through the process. We can review your documents, provide any clarifications, and offer detailed advice and solutions. Speak to an expert immigration consultant at Lexidy today.
SELF-EMPLOYED BUSINESS PERMITIf you have an idea of a business that you wish to establish in Spain, we would be pleased to help you complete the process. We provide Immigration advice for Non-EU nationals to help with the work permit application and the establishment of a self-employed business in Spain. Find out more.



Pina Espinoza Carrizosa


Pina is a German expat with a double degree in Spanish and German Law. She has a law degree from the University of Castilla-La Mancha and both state exams in German law from the University of Passau and Bavaria. She lives in Barcelona with her Mexican husband and enjoys the international atmosphere. At Lexidy, Pina is directly involved with management to support the day-to-day matters and is Head of the Immigration Department. She's also leading the German desk at the Firm. Languages: English, Spanish & German.You can contact her at

Maximiliano Agazzi Paulet


Born in Italy, Max has been living in Spain for over twenty years. Since he got his degree in Law from the University of Barcelona, he has constantly worked towards building his expertise. Max thinks that the problem-solving aspect is the most exciting part of being a lawyer and enjoys helping people. His main responsibilities at Lexidy are related to providing support to Immigration, while interacting with the clients directly.Languages: English, Italian, Spanish and CatalanYou can contact him at:

Laura Fusté


Laura is from Barcelona. She started her law career with a law degree from The University of Barcelona and since then she has been working in various law firms to develop her career. Laura had the opportunity to spend four months in Nepal as a volunteer, during her studies, which developed her interest in international relations and immigration law. And now, at Lexidy, she is part of the Immigration Department. She is also a member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB). Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. You can contact her at

Mónica Isern López


Mònica is from Barcelona and she studied Criminology in Barcelona University and law at the Pompeu Fabra University. In between the two university degrees, she spent a year in USA as an Au Pair, having the chance to meet new people, another culture and to improve her language skills. Since she finished her studies she has been working in different law firms, and now she is member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), since June 2018. At Lexidy, she is part of the Immigration Department. Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English. You can contact Mònica at

Neus Salazar

Legal Trainee

Neus is from Valencia and she studied law at the University of Barcelona. During this period, she was a part of the Erasmus program at Tor Vergata University in Rome for a year. Neus is currently undergoing her advocacy Master at the University of Barcelona. Her role at Lexidy is to support Immigration and Corporate Departments. Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and Italian. You can contact her at