Premium Pack

Structuring the purchase properly can save you large amounts of aggravation.

Making sure that all of the right checks are carried out and that the property is safe to buy can save you both lots of money and sleepless nights. To buy a property safely you need specialist advice from someone thoroughly familiar with the legal system.

from 1.499 €

Services included in PREMIUM PACK

Checking the complete legal situation of the property by obtaining of Simple Note before the Property’s Land Office & advice to client.

Verification of the certificate of habitation, energetic certificate, payment of the taxes and community fees.

Preparation of report with summary of all the contingencies.

Contact with vendor’s party for negotiation of terms.

Drafting and preparation of legal documentation (arras agreement and title deed).

Tax study for analysis of investment structure.

Advice on operation expenses and management of payment of taxes after completion.

Includes preparation of a Power of Attorney to:

Obtain NIE and open bank account
Asssistance to the Notary’s appointment

There are many issues you as a buyer need to be aware of: properties with sufficient title deed, construction built with corresponding Planning Permission, make sure there is no demolition order hanging over them, outstanding taxes owed on the property, structural faults or defective plumbing and/or wiring.

The most important tip is to have a well-informed independent legal advisor and one who can speak both English and Spanish. We are here to help you at every stage of the process in different packages according to your needs.