Non lucrative visa

Immigration advice for Non-EU nationals who wish to live in Spain without performing any economic activity.

From 850 €

Under the ¨Wealth Visa¨ you can live in Spain by showing you have sufficient financial means to maintain yourself and your family.

What are the requirements?

  • Showing that you receive a fixed monthly amount by some permanent means, such as from a trust fund or retirement pension. (A salary is not considered permanent, nor is interest received from a bank or mutual fund.)


  • Showing that you have maintained a high enough average balance in your bank account during at least a year. The documents you submit must show the bank account in your name.


The amount to be shown is around 2.200 EUR per month, plus 550 EUR per family member that will join you.

With a wealth visa, you may not be employed by a Spanish company and produce income for the first year.

Family members of the visa holder may obtain derivative status that allows them to live and attend school in Spain. Visa extensions are generally unlimited as long as you can continue to show sufficient means.

Other documents required for this visa are a police clearance certificate and a medical certificate.


  • From the time the application is delivered to the Embassy from the country of origin, to the time you receive the decision, it takes on average one month. Please take into account the time for preparing the paperwork.

    In showing that you have enough money to live in Spain, the money may be in a financial institution in any country. What is important is that the account is in your name.


  • We also assist you in obtaining the Insurance policies required.

The application must be presented and collected in person. Each family member will also need to show certain documentation, such as birth certificates and marriage certificates.

• The application must be submitted no more than 90 days in advance to the intended travel date

• The processing fee will not be returned even if your visa is denied.

• Residence visas must be picked up within one month – counting from the following day after receipt of the approval notification. Failing to do so within this period of time will result in the expiration of the visa.

We can also assist you once you come to Spain, for the application of the Residency Card, and the subsequent renewals.